Welcome to… “Toys to Work ROBOTICS.com”

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Hi and welcome to our fun and totally “FREE” educational website about Robotics!

(or go to Toys2Work.com)

** We are still under construction as of December 22, 2021 **

(Our facebook page is at www.Facebook.com/ToysToWork, also Instagram, Twitter )

contact us: info@ToysToWorkROBOTICS.com or text (204) 951-8889 in Canada

From the title of our website you can probably guess that we’ll be working here with “toy” robots and having something to do with “work”.

So you may ask….”why are you talking about silly TOY robots? “

Well…because modern day $40 silly toy robots contain most of the same types of sensors, servo motors, movable joints and similar software as the serious work robots costing $70,000 or more!

You can go out and buy a used $10 thrift store robot toy and crack it open and come here to learn more about how its insides are put together.

You can then learn even more here on this FREE website about the even more complex side of robotics like artificial intelligence, soft robotics with Mckibben muscles and neural networks and more!

Soon we’ll be adding FREE training videos and information about the parts of modern day robots and how you can put them together along with the needed computer languages like C ,C++, Python and others.

Yes….you’ll definately want to come back many times to take all of this information in.

But for now, just start by looking at some of the photos of the electronics inside our toy robots…you may have some already in your home or maybe a Roomba robot Vacuum!.

Have fun and don’t worry….we can talk about work and helping you get a job in robotics later!

(if its easier to remember… you can also get here with these web addresses… Toys2Work.com or ToysToWork.com)

Our other sites are at

  • Toys2WorkCRYPTO.com
  • Toys2WorkMETA.com
  • ToysToWork-robitix-ueniweb.com