Teaching Pendant

Here we will talk a little about what a teaching pendant looks like and how you would use it to control your robot arm.

There a handful of the major robot arm makers that have been around for 20+ years and a great deal of new ones on the market for the last few years.

But basically the concept of a teaching pendant is that the non-programmer or user of the robot can stand in front of the robot holding a notepad type device called the teaching pendant which could be an older push button device or a more modern touchscreen device like an Ipad, where there are a limited number of buttons to press to get the robot to do its actions.

There might be a home button and then you would enter some routines that the robot would perform in order.

An easier technique is where the operator actually moves the robots arm in the exact way and sequence that it must move to perform its work and then those movements are saved and repeated all day long by the robot until the action sequence is changed.

Here is a video showing how the user of a Universal Robots model UR5 would move the robots arm to do the work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAiuwpHPeqk

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