Robot Building contests

Building robots of any type can be a fun and rewarding past time in many ways. In fact, many top Silicon Valley job recruiters have found that it is quite common that hi tech companies look specifically at resumes to see how active the hireee has been in competitive robot clubs.

It is in fact mentioned on page 220 of the 2015 New York Times best seller book from Ashlee Vance titled, ” Elon Musk- Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” that Elons recruiters look for people who might “excel” at robot building competitions or may build RC remote control cars.

There are usually categories in robot fight contests like in Battle Bots there is the Insect category (flea at 150 gram, ant at 1 pound and beetle at 3 pounds) and wedge robots with no weapons and robots with spinning weapnos.

So start immediately to join any robotics clubs or competitions that you can.

Buy that Arduino or raspberry Pi boards today NOT tomorrow!

Here now are a list of some Robot building clubs and competitions

There are 3 big hotspots for robotics in the USA in 2021 and they are called Silicon *, Boston * Detroit and * Austin