Lets look inside of a Furby and maybe show how show how to repair some basic things that can go wrong with them,

Coroded battery terminals…stuck eyes or ears….loose wire on a speaker…stuck tilt sensor…broken foot sensor…chewed up rubber lip….

There are 3 main generations of Furbys which we explain in detail in our Toy section and each one has some mechanical or digital differences.

Almost all of these things can still be found in Canadian thrift stores for $5 to $$20 and just about any of them can sell for $30 to $200+ depending on condition and having a box etc.

Sometimes all that is wrong with them is the batteries inside are dead or you need to scrape out the corroded terminals.

Other times you just need to reset it…or shake it or carefully move the stuck eyelids.

If you get a destroyed one , you really should take it apart and be amazed at how it all works inside.

The basics of skinning a Furby is….cut the 7 inch plastic tie cord at the base and then start pulling up the fur like a shirt.

You will feel a bit like an Arctic Fur trapper and some animal rights people might pass out…but remember it is a toy. Its A TOY! 🙂

Now luckily ulike with repairing Cucckoo clocks…you won’t have springs fly out from gawd knows where…but you may forget which screws go where and if you go too fast the speaker may drop out of the front chest and an ear might fall off.

(more to come under construction Aug 13, 2021)