Here we will have video lessons to teach the basics and maybe more of mainstream languages like Python, Java, C/C++, and more basic ecuational languages like Blockly, NXT-G,

We will show how to install the Arduino software and configure your board, how to access files off an opensource directory, we will talk about what github is and the basics of working with the Linux file system.

We will touch on some of the more complex cloud based code like Open CV and what Google and Microsoft and others are even robotics companys like Hanson Robotics are adding to the open source movement.

We will also have some videos to explain how to program older industrial robots using a language like RAPID and the ROS.

For the last 30 years most of the dozen or so large international industrial robot arm companies had their own proprietary programming language so its almost impossible to explain how to program in each one.

Of course there are many similarities in how you program in any language.

But here is a list of some of the major languages used at some of the worlds largest robotics companies.

KUKA- uses KRL, ABB uses RAPID, Comau uses PDL2, Fanuc uses KAREL, Staubli uses VAL3, Universal Robotics uses URScript, Yaskawa uses Inorm, Kawasaki uses AS

Robot simulator online programs are usually used to teach how to program a certain robot.

(under construction Aug 13, 2021)