Hollywood & Store Robots

Robots are becoming increasingly more common on sets in Hollywood action films as stunt person , stand ins.

Since 2018 a new invention called the “Stickman” began to replicate hi flying circus type trapeze acts on sets for Hollywood movies.

Basically it was a multi joint 7 foot long flat bar with radar sensors and other sensors made to allow the stickman to spin in mid air and do mathematical calculations to land properly as its sensors noticed the proximity to the landing spot.

From here body plates and more sensors have been added with plans to be used along with greenscreens and various photo editing programs to allow for exact repeat performances of highly dangerous moves that in the past would often require multiple attempts to get a good enough take for the film.

Now in terms of the retail use of robots, we are starting to see more humanoid robots being used in stores to either greet customers or serve in some promotional capacity for a new product release or other promotion.

The Softbank robotics company has introduced its 4 foot robot named Pepper into the retail space. It is an space age looking robot with a traditional non human look but can interact with customers and is a hit among the kids and many adults alike.

We will be seeing more and more of this in retail use when stores are opened up again (its June 2021 at this time).