Must See Sites to Learn how to Build Robots

There are a few sites that every robot builder must follow since they are incredible sources of information and inspiration for the huge build journey ahead.

Some of these sites are

  • Inmoov
  • James Bruton
  • TopTechBoy
  • Tinkernut
  • Andrew Arringtont
    • (Andrew is customizing a Meccanoid GSk15 toy robot)
  • DroneBot Workshop on Youtube
  • Rodofo Internet control car
  • Electromaker
  • is a site where you can buy a robo dog kit and put it together yourself. (like the words Pet and Toy)
  • This is a fascinating company site with experts in open source robotics projects & more
  • The very detailed explanation on Youtube of the making of one of the world’s most realistic heads with moving eyes/jaw as used in the movie “World’s End”
  • A great electronics repair series is by Noel’s Retro Lab
  • Alexander Bersenev has some great videos showing design of limbs with linear actuators with Arduino etc
  • Skyentific from Switzerland gives great advice on robotic arms, motors, 3d design etc.
  • SIMA Semi Intelligent Robot has a great video showing the partial 3d printed creation of a humanoid robot.
  • Paula Petcu

Inmoov is the brainchild of French artist Gael Langevin and his site contains hundreds of pages of things to know when you want to 3d build your own humanoid robot.

James Bruton is an incredible engineer and communicator who explains in great detail his design ideas as he actually builds humanoid and animal like robots on his youtube site.

He gives such detail about the servos and actuators and the printing of parts that you will be in awe of the man.

Paul McWorter or TopTechBoy as he is known on youtube, is a retired engineer and entrepreneur from the tech world who provides incredibly detailed instruction on electronics, arduino and artificial intelligence topics of all kinds in a relaxed easy to follow style.