(TV Shows ) Westworld & Black Mirror Explained

Here we will have a discussion of what the messages are of the hit TV series “Westword” and “Black Mirror”..

Despite the known rule that robots can do no harm to their creators…we see quite the obvious going on here. Why and how and is this very far off from the reality in our future?

Westworld is a futuristic tv series which features a fantasyland compound for adults where hundreds of robots who look and act exactly like humans interact with their paying customers in various ways.

Of course as the series goes on we see that the robots have been victimized by the paying customers and the creators so of course the robots start to rebel against everyone.

There is a scene in Westworld Season 1 where Anthony Hopkins the creator of the fictitious company, is found in an old house in an uninhabited sector 17 tending to a group of first generation robot hosts who he calls “ghosts”.

Why did he keep them sequestered out here?

He proudly and somewhat sadly seems to be lamenting and missing the simpler times with his first robot humans.

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Some of the episodes that we will talk about here include:

  • Journey into Night
  • – Reunion
  • – Virtu e Fortuna
  • -The Riddle of the Sphinx
  • – Akane non Mai
  • – Phase Space
  • – Vanishing Point
  • – The Passenger
  • – Les Ecorches
  • – Kiksuya
  • – Parce Domine
  • – The Winter line
  • – The Absence of Field
  • – The Mother of Exiles
  • – Decoherence
  • – Passed Pawn
  • – Genre
  • – Crisis Theory
  • We can’t forget to talk about a few of the amazing episodes of the British show from 2011 which later aired on Netflix, Black Mirror .
  • Probably the most significant episode from the creator Charlie Brooker, relating to robots and the possibility of the abuse of robot technology is the episode called “Metalhead”.

This episode features a robot dog used for security in a warehouse which was activated whena theif touched a box which exploded tracebable particles onto the perpetrator.

The robot then proceeds to mercilessly track down the perpetrator through the roughest terrain.

The robot used in the 2017 episode filmed in black and white was influenced by the BigDog robot invented by Boston Dynamics.

Other Black Mirror episodes that we could talk about include the following:

  • The National Anthem, 15 Million Merits, The Entire History of You, White Bear, The Waldo Moment, White Christmas, Nosedive, Playtest, Shutup & Dance, San Jupero, Men Against Fire, Hated in the North,
  • USS Callister, Arkangel, Crocodile, Hang the DJ, Black Museum, and the last few episodes in 2019 Bandersnatch, Striking Vipers and Smithereens and Rachel, Jack and Ashley too
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