Jobs in Robotics

As of 2021 and the pandemic we are seeing a incredible explosion of interest in robotics applications and the number of jobs available are exploding as well!

If you have very little experience then you are on the right website to start to get a basic grounding in the terminology and the environment of robotics and being a robot builder.

The top 4 robotics companies have been in business for over 40 years (FANUC, Kuka, ABB,Yaskawa Electric) but there are thousands of smaller companies and startups that are looking to hire robotics people in all skill areas.

They say that Fanuc and ABB have been the robotics company leaders for those last 40 years.

Companies like Amazon are setting up warehouses in almost every major city this year and there will be jobs there which may get your foot in the door to something related to the hundreds of robots in each building!

With limited experience and knowledge try hard to get a job where there are robots being used and try to learn how you could possibly get promoted to work with them.

If you have high expectations then you must enrol in some in person or online robotics courses and let your employer know that you are super keen to learn and be a part of their organization.i

Those in the know say that the hot top jobs in the robotics field are being offered to those who can combine skills in the areas of mechatronics, computer programming and artificial intelligence.

The hot languages are still C/C++

Start buying robot learning kits and books and join website chat sites and become immersed in the topic and set some goals to get yourself closer to joining a company that can help you reach your goals.

If you are already a PHD robotics engineer than you may or may not know who is hiring and perhaps this website might help you a little.

Always remember that you can still be the smartest person in the company but you will have to work with other people so make sure to develop your people skills.

Luckily a lot of your work could be done remotely if you want it to be that way.

But this field has so many directions for you to go that you could easily start your own niche software or perhaps robotics hardware line and learn as you go with crowd funding or Patreon help.

So thank you for finding our site and hopeully we can direct you to other sites that can jumpstart you closer to the goals you have for a job or your own robotics related business.