Neural Nets

Now the inventor of the first neurocomputer was Dr Robert Hecht Neilson.

The newer idea of the ANN (artificial neural network) is based on the concept that you can imitate the way the human brain works with silicon chips and wires instead of what are called neurons and dendrites.

The human brain has over 100 billion nerve cells which are called neurons and they link up with cells known as axons.

The dendrites are there to process stimulation from external forces and then take this electric energy or pulses and move them around the nerve network in ones body.

Neurons in the body pass messages back and forth to other neurons.

Now the computer simulation of this involves passing data back and forth between what are called nodes and every link has a strength value and through a process of mathematics learning is able to take place.

Lets define some of the terms like neural nets, artificial neural nets or ANN and neurons.

Basically neural nets or artificial neural nets (ANN) are a big part of machine learning but more so deep learning and it basically is copying how neural transmitters operate in the human brain.

You will come across both ANN (artificial neural networks) and CNN (convolutional neural networks) and just start by knowing that CNNs feed forward and ANNs feed back.

We will come back later and explain what that means but you will soon get into a complex picture of a matrix and mathematics will start swirling around like you are in 3rd year Calculus! 🙂

But the good news is that you really don’t need to know much about the complex theory behind it all to use it.

In the 1980s junior programmers who just cut and pasted code instead of writing it from scratch were called “script kiddies”.

So what.

Life is short and not everybody has a super brain for complex math and such intricate computer details or maybe the time or interest.

We are not here to judge.

There is an interesting company called that makes a $400 headset for doing neural net research .

Several years ago there was a $40 toy that claimed you could teach your mind to move objects around a track with the help of the toy.

Now there are several companies producing real products to do similar things.

This company, Inbrain technologies has some interesting products.

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