Deep learning

In the study of artificial intelligence, the experts usually consider machine intelligence to be the first step in the process of putting intelligence into the machines and then they go further into what is called deep learning.

To make it more confusing the term NLP or natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence are often used to refer to the same thing but really both NLP and machine learning are subsets of the broader topic of artificial intelligence.

This whole area of AI and deep learning and machine learning has to do with massive amounts of data and computational power which allow the scientists to make better AI programs.

The 3 main reasons why AI has gotten so popular in the last year or so is the massive amounts of data that social media companies have been able to amass about their users along with extra fast GPU computer processors and parallel processors and the mathematical algorithms that can process the data and report usable AI results from it all.

Its always been about the data…data mining. It allows companies to know what you want to buy online before even you know it….it allows your self driving car to stay in its lane and eventually…well who knows.:)

You must keep in mind also that AI does not have to be something that is placed into a physical object like a robot or a machine of some kind.

It can be in the form of a AI chatbot that you either send messages to on a website or even talk back and forth to what looks like a real human like with the Open AI GPT3 human chatbot or Googles chatbot called Meena.

There are hundreds if not thousands of websites and phone apps that are using various forms of AI.

One of the biggest and most fascinating examples of this and machine learning involves the word GAN and much of it revolves around the Nvidia company.

If you want to start programming in the area of deep learning, they say that there are about 4 steps to take.

You choose a programming IDE (integrated development environment) for programming and then gather information with a data mining tool called a “scraper” and then do the mathematics and then do the data visualization.

  1. pick an IDE integrated development environment like Python visual studio or R or R studio
  2. do the web scraping with tools like Scrappy or URLIB or Beautiful Soup
  3. do the AI math which is calculus/linear algegra/statistics
  4. do the data visualization with graphs and pretty pictures with deep math behind it all

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