Little Sophia

This is a tiny version of the hugely successful large Sophia robot from Hanson Robotics.

It is still in the preorder stage at this time July 26 2021.

It is designed to be an educational toy for school and home use.

It can tell stories and jokes and play games and interact with the user to a degree.

It can be programmed with Blockly and Python.

Professor Einstein.

The miniature toy Einstein robot is from Hanson robotics and was first put into a kickstarter campaign and was then available to the public in January 2017.

It has 2 rechargeble batteries and has a running time of about 3 hours.

You can ask it various questions and it will respond very much like an Alexa or Siri voice system and you can make it stick out its tongue or move a few parts of its face and arms.

Its about 14 inches tall and has a micrphone on its chest and two more on the side of the head to help it navigate.

Its camera on its chest helps it to track faces and it has infrared sensors on its feet so it can’t fall off of a table during demonstrations.

It is anArm7 processor controlled toy with 9 dc motors with custom gearboxes. 5 of the motors are in the face to create varoious expressions.