Repairing your Toys & your Robot Vacuum

Here we will have a series of videos to help you do basic repairs on your broken Furby, Robosapien,, dancing Sant or even your robot vacuum!

We won’t be doing major circuit board repairs but we will talk about diagnosing and using some of the basic tools of the trade like digital multimeters, scopes, soldering and de-soldering tools (solder suckers) and more !

Check out some amazing robot toy repair help and more with sites like RandiRain and Gemmy Master Animatronics.

There is a really neat toy animatronics company in England called Churchill Creations, that sells miniature bodies with movin parts to allow your 10 inch army men or Barbie dolls to move realistically. These replacement arms and bodies are great if you are recreating an army battle scene or making an animated Youtube video or Hollywood style animated movie or short.

They talk about using Polulo microcontrollers but you could adapt the mechanisms to work with anything including the Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

(underconstruction Sep 3 2021)