Blockchain (Rust, Solidity)

Now these two languages Rust and Solidity have very little to do with robotics but you they may pay your rent a lot faster since they have to do with the blockchain and something called smart contracts.

Not all robots and AI exist only in the physical space.’

We know about AI chat bots and now that the media is focusing on the Metaverse we are seeing a feeding frenzy to find people who can create the infrastructure to allow for the creation and sale of digital assets which could include AI avatars which are digital robots!

So soon we will be adding content which deals with this area which is only about a year old …apparently.

We will have more to say about what the terms DeFi (decentralized finance) and developing for the blockchain on our site under construction

Python is also used in this area so you might as well get really good at Python because its so similar to the other languages like C and C++.

Its all about knowing how to find the right library and how to work with tools.

Get familiar with Github and how to work around a discord server and then get ready to write your own ticket.

We are moving towards a “no code” society where fewer average programers and average network engineers will be needed as more and more work is going up into the cloud with spaces like Azure etc.

Ten years ago a DBA (data base administrator) and network administrator could alsmost demand any salary they wanted and were constantly taking courses…things seem a little sketchy now.