Teddy Ruxpin/BearyTales (Playschool)

Playschool made two animatronic bears over the years starting with the Teddy Ruxpin.

Here we have the Playskool Beartales bear which had a moving head with eyes that closed and ears that moved and a mouth which moved in sync with the words or songs it sang.

It also had two arms which went up and down.

It had a cartridge area in the back where you could put playable cartridges which would make the bear move and sing.

Without cartridges the doll will still say a few things and move thru its basic routine.

It contains a circuit board with resistors and capacitors and blobs covering some more hidden features.

There is apparently a Fairchild FAN8100 IC and here is a link to information on this unit which is some type of H bridge circuit commonly used in robot toys etc https://html.alldatasheet.com/html-pdf/106428/FAIRCHILD/FAN8100N/487/1/FAN8100N.html