InMoov is the name given to the 3d printed humanoid robot and basically an entire 3d printed robot open source movement created by French artist Gael Langevin in 2011.

Gael released the files and instructions on how to affordabily build a realistic looking and performing humanoid on the site called Thingiverse in 2012 and things have rapidly expanded since.

It allows anyone with a basic 3d printer to gradually produce the various upper body limbs and then add the needed servos , sensors, arduino microcontroller , wiring and software to make an autonomous humanoid.

Gael also created software called MRL or My RobotLab which allowed the DIY (do it yourself) builders to more easily control the robots arms and head parts once the servos and sensors were hooked up properly.

The main site located at contains all of the information and examples of what all the dozens of builders have been able to do over the years with their robots.

It is considered not appropriate or possibly illegal to make money by selling any robots made with this technology and open source software but sometimes users are able to ask permission and sell their projects to recover their costs.

It is like a coop type of situation where people participate out of the love of learning and sharing their knowledge and experience to further the building of a better humanoid robot.

Here is a good Youtube video of user OzzyMat61 who has all the limbs working on his Inmoov robot.

Anyone with even the slightest interest in robots or robot building should spend several hours on this site to understand all the various body parts and connection pieces required and how it all gets tied together with computer hardware and software.

Another DIY site that is just as amazing is the James Bruton site.

James is an engineer with an amazing ability to build and communicate his design and building processes to the world on the internet using YouTube.