The motorized and modular Robotix toy line was marketed by the Milton Bradley toy company between in 1984 and 1986 and was still available all the way up to 2021 through different company channels.

Through the 90s and the 2000’s it was marketed by the RC2 corporation under the Learning Curve brand.

As of 2014 it was sold through the Robotix and things company and apparently as of 2021 the line was no longer being sold due to financial problems brought on by the pandemic.

The line included several different kits to make vehicles or walking robots and was really quite amazing and very much like what the Lego Mindstorms became later.

Here are some photos of the larger Robotix 5000 set which allowed you to build a 5 foot moving robot.

This is about the closest thing to a human size robot that you could buy for under $200 from the 1970s to ….perhaps even today!

The Mechanoid comes in a 4 foot version but the Robotix looked amazing for its time and still today!