GPT-3 OpenAI

GPT-3 is the AI from the OpenAI laboratory from Google.

Sam Altman was one of the original founders of Open AI as was Elon Musk.

GPT or Generative Pretrained transformer is basically Google’s AI software that can create text and speech on demand and make it look or sound like a human’s writing or perhaps even better.

It is the 3rd version of the GPT and basically it can be seen on a website like Youtube in the form of a person which is really an aritificially created avatar or person who answers questions from the host actual interviewer.

When the GPT 3 avatar receives the question, it accesses vast amounts of databases and uses advanced mathematics to calculate what type of answer should be given to the specific question it has been asked.

It uses advanced mathematics including probability theory and is considered to be one of the largest forms of neural networks in the world today.

GPT3 is capable of creating answers to questions as we see in the youtube video or long essays or short reports or pretty well anything which raises many ethical questions about whether this could be used to post false messages on social media to sway opinions or perhaps political elections.

It was said to be an open source software project which apparently it is not.

It has such amazing power and commercial potential that it has not made it to open source as of August 23 2021.

There is another open source alternative to GPT 3 callled GPT Neo which uses a similar multi billion parameter test database to give similar results as the actual GPT 3.

You can watch how to install GPT Neo along with Anaconda Python package manager and Jupyter.

This is of course an advanced software activity but many novice users can still follow what is being done.

Below is a link to a demonstration on Youtube where you can see GPT 3 in action with an interviewer. Here is robotics instructor Samer Arisheh who asks the GPT 3 avatar a few questions.