Crime Control / Military Use

In this section the military use of robots will be explored.

There are uses such as

– carrying equipment in dangerous environments (wheeled robot)

– retreiving supplies or hostages (wheeled robot)

– fighting force

Some of the robots would be the same type used in detonation units for decades already.

The newer use for robots to be to augment or replace soliders or some of the crime control officers in an urban environment.

One of the best Hollywood movies to get a sense of how robots could be used/misused in military or police work is the movie caled “CHAPPiE”

In this movie starring Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman, a robot company has been hired to supply hundreds of robots to a police unit in a crime ridden part of Johanesberg Africa,

The hard edge CEO played by Weaver is happy with the fighing robots that she was provided with but the senior engineer was able to create some AI which could write poetry and become better than a human and she wants none of it.

Image of Chappie from Colmbia Pictures

He decides to take a broken robot home to install this AI software without the backup of his company but he is kidnapped by a gang who later decides to get him to convert the crime fighting robot that he had in his van into a crime committing robot for this gang.


A very touching movie actually especially when the top criminals girlfriend realizes that Chappie is like a 5 year old and must be slowly taught new things. Chappie keeps calling her “mommy” in such a cute voice as the boyfriend without any patience wants to toughen up the childlike Chappie in a hurry and learn how to shoot a gun and begin his criminal pursuits as needed.