Teddy Ruxpin

Here we will talk a little about this amazing older toy and show how people are modifying it to change what it would normally say on its tape ….and more.

Here is one great doll site on Youtube “with or without fur” showing how to make your own tapes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGVB5SdGstM

There were several toys made during the 1980s which worked in the same way that they had tape recorders in the back which played a stereo tape where one side would contain non-hearable tones and the other track would have the music and talking. The tones would come on and trigger the animated movement in the doll by having the eyes blink or move and the mouth move etc.

One could simply record anything on the audio track and put the tones on the other track.

A more complex modification to Teddy Ruxpin is done at the Make Youtube video where they remove the battery and circuit board and replace it with a new circuit board and an H bridge and a new battery and hook it up to the existing eye and jaw motors.

It is a fascinating video as they show how to solder the various wires to make the doll talk through a wireless connection to an Internet Twitter account where whatever you type on the Twitter page will come out of the doll in a robotic voice.