Books & Resources

If you have some time to do some reading we have a selection of books to list which tackle various issues about robots and robotics.

Some of the pioneer writers in the science fiction movement back in the 70s were names like Arthur C Clarke (2001 A Space Odyssey), Phillip Excession (Do Androids dream of electric sheep?) and one of the most well known and quoted from book by Isac Asimov (I, Robot).

Mark Tilden a Canadian pioneer in consumer robot toys and much more who created the amazing toy robots for Wowwee toys…the “Robosapien” and is now part of other endeavor gave some great tips on books to read during one of his presentations while in Hong Kong.

He mentioned these ones…”Robots of the Dawn”, “Caves of Steel”, “the Two Faces of Tomorrow”, “the Code of the Lifemaker”.

“The Robot and the Baby” by Mcarthy 2020 which is said to be a cautionary tale.

Also “Expedition- Voyage to Darwin IV” by Douglas Barlow.

We have many others like Neuromancer by William Gibson in 1984.

A book by the creator of Hanson Robotics, David Hanson, “Humanizing Robots: How making Humanoids can make us more human”.

“Robot Ethics- the ethical and social implications of Robotics” 2011 by Patrick Lin

“Life 3.0 Being Human in the age of Artificial Intelligence” by Tegmark

“Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era” by James Barrat.

“Super intelligence: Paths, Dangers,Strategies” 2014 by Nick Bostrom.

Other books that are closely and loosely related to robotics and the future include:

“Secret life of Puppets” by Victoria Nelson, “Frankenstein” by Shelly,

Here are some links to sites to learn more about robotics; great place to buy a working mobile robot and modify it Great site to design your work robot & let them build it

Graveyard Workshop on Youtube in 2012

Check out some of these amazing robotics enthusiasts and communicators:

James Bruton, Paul McWorter (Top Tech Boy), DroneBot Workshop, Jerry Rig Guy,

Other robotics sites include: Quora, Stack Overflow, Trossen, Research Gate