Start a Business involved with Robotics

If you don’t or can’t find a job in the robotics industry then start looking at ways that you could provide a product or service to that industry.

Yes, start your own robotics related business.

The easiest type would be in the software area where you write some software to support some area of robotics or you maintain the software for a company that uses robotics technology.

You could develop some original robot or you could modify robots (especially mobile land robots) to do some specific purpose like real estate photography in rough terrain, security or police mobile robots, some public performance robot etc.


For software pretty well anything with the word Artificial intelligence in it, will get the attention of investors or the media.

So research all the companies and websites and youtube channels that deal with some form of AI and find out if you have or can learn the skills needed to get involved here.

  • – start teaching basic AI introductory courses in your local community or trade college
  • – offer your services to train staff on certain types of new software being used in a factory
  • show other companies how to make use of opensource and github resources
  • – write some API to work with existing code


It is always more expensive and made more complicated with electrical regulations etc to design some type of hardware expecially if it is made to sell to the general public.

It is easier if your product is to be used by a small select group of customers and you can be the main source of support and maintenance on it. For example if you modified someone elses mobile robot platform or created your own.

  • – real estate surveying in rough or dangerous terrain (animals, mines, pollution etc)
  • – police or security camera surveillance or exploration etc
  • – entertainment value robots