Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is a company currently (2021) valued at over $1.1 billion that came out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992 with its company founder Marc Raibert.

It started by following a corporate vision of producing legged robots which were able to navigate real life indoor and outdoor terrain and now currently have a handful of the worlds most amazing robots some of which are for sale to commercial, industrial and research users.

The company has passed through several owners including Google X/ABC in 2013, Japan based Softbank in 2017 and as of 2020 Hyundai acquired 80% of the company for some $800 million and the remaining 20% ownership was retained by Softbank.

In 2021 the media and the world was amazed at demonstrations of their humanoid but not human looking robots which were able to do amazing choreographed dance manouvres.

The human moving robot named Atlas was shown walking and moving its arms like a real person and jumping and appearing to be well beyond the capability of any robot seen before the public.

A year or two prior in 2020 we were dazzled to see their dog looking robot called BigDog running through a field and being able to withstand being kicked over by its research scientists.

So on their webpage as of 2021 you can see the 3 main robots under their product category with the names Spot (a smallish boxy yellow dog like info gathering and carrying robot), Stretch ( a wheeled warehouse robot with a big crane arm) and Pick (a warehouse type robot on a stable base using machine learning vision).

The webpage said that it announced the sale of its “first” commercially available robot named “Spot” in June 2020. The webpage did not specify the breakdown of sales or customers since 1992.

Its selling in 2021 or $74,000 and apparently they sold about 400 up until late this year.

It is programmed with Python and apparently C#, Kotlin and C++. The Boston Dynamics website has a page that tells us how to work with the Spot Pytnhon SDK.

Its predecessor was a dog called SpotMini.

Under the research category option of their webpage you can see the amazing human acting bipedal robot called Atlas.

The company is still based in the state of Massachusetts USA and has another USA office in Mountain View.

Click on the link below to check out some of the many jobs that BD is currently advertising for in their 2 locations Waltham USA and Mountain View USA.

Some of these positions that they have hired for have names like Senior Software Engineer(Spot Platform), Junior Software/Robotics Engineer (Stretch Behavior), Senior Field Service Engineer North America (Warehouse Robotics), Machine Learning Research Scientist.