AC or DC Motors

Here we will talk about the choice between ac or dc power which can be confused with the idea of using DC motors or AC motors.

Tesla cars used AC motors but you must understand how ac is converted to dc…and perhaps know a little about Edisons passion for DC versus Tesla’s passion for AC. 🙂

The 2 main types of AC motors are synchronous and asynchronous.

Asynchronous ac motors are usually of two types- single phase or 3 phase.

Often the decisions to make when choosing a motor are

  • – payload
  • – speed
  • – acceleration needed

With a motor the 3 things that affect the type of work it can produce is the speed, torque and horsepower.

Work is defined as force over a distance and torque is a type of work.

Horsepower can also be described as watts, btu or joules.

With ac motors they are said to have polarities (plus and minus) inside of a rotating magnetic field.

The inside of the ac motor has a fixed electro magnetic coil or stator positioned around a moveable magnet which is the rotor.

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