Must See other builder Sites

Here are some other robot builders who have shown their sites on Youtube .

Xanatos Check out Dave’s information packed site about the 3 areas of Robotics, Genetics and AI. He has detailed videos and fascinating descriptions of each of these things. He shows his crispr machine as he discusses the possibilities of gene manipulation and more.

He lists many insightful observations including the one “creating a brain is easy…creating a mind is not”.

Basically you can easily get a robot to “recognize” speech but you can’t easily get it to “understand” it.

He rightfully states that most robots are using computer code and if then structures to process fantastic volumes of data to allow a robot to seemingly understand and respond to a question that it may be asked but that there is no understanding at all.

He then created a spreadsheet of various questions that could be asked and combined that with the use of computer vision and stereo cameras running on a raspberry pi computer.

It all gets quite complicated but extremely fascinating about how he then brings in other technology like Google’s Coral Edge TPU Accelerator.

Dave has been working on his Youtube site since well before 2015 as far as can be determined.

He talks about sentient and sapient (conscious systems) and AGI artificial general intelligence.

His discussions about genetics and telmeres and CRISPR and his listing of vitamins that we should all add to our daily health regimen are certainly worth a read.

He gives a good breakdown of the areas of

  • sight- facial recognition, object & motion detection, stereoscopic depth mapping
  • hearing- speaker diarization, location of audio, speech to text
  • speech- robot & non-robotic and modulable SSML text to speech
  • motor functions

He has explored advanced technologies including GPT on a PI4 with Tensorflow and worked with Google’s Coral Edge TPU accelerator.

Lastly he talks about his ARGOS initiative where he discusses the emotions that a robot could adopt in its quest to be more human like.