There have always been non movable mannequins available to help teach various medical skills like CPR and basic medical testing and procedure.

Over the years more sensors and electronics have been added to allow for the measurement of pulses or temperature.

Plastic and rubber toys have become so realistic that it was only a matter of time until companies added sensors and other accessories which could be useul in a medical training environment.

Pediatric Hal from the Gaumard Company is a lifelike boy which has moveable eyes and mouth and resevoirs on its finger to allow the taking of blood and insulin measurements and other parts of the body which allow for training purposes by medical/healthcare students.

It has always been important to allow medical staff to get hands on experience and in the past live volunteers or paid actors were used to allow for staff to experience patient anxiety and conversation. Of course needles could not generally be given on live actors but these mannequins and pseudo robots do allow for that.

Now here is a very interesting medical and genetics training business/website called Labster.

In this youtube video, you can see the presenter Siraj Raval using the virtual chemistry lab and the Crispr (DNA) technology on the Internet, to try to add antibodies to some simulated cancer cells to try to prevent or stop the spread of the cancer.

Just watching this demo being done live on the hosts laptop is amazing enough so here it is.