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We will soon define some of the terms like AI and machine learning but a good place to start is with the free course from Google…the MLCC Machine Language Crash Course.

Now yes a good grounding in mathematics is essential if one is pursuing topics like machine learning. This area is generally said to revolve around these 4 areas of maths: statistics, linear algebra, probability and calculus. You will quickly be immersed in talk about algorithms, matrices, vectors and more.

Now when you start to learn about artificial intellience and machine learning and are beginning to do some programming you will probably be working with the Python language.

So even without having a Raspberry Pi and Python nearby you can go to this google webpage and using the Colab online program you can enter and run Python code on the website. You simply sign into the Google account and here you can begin.

You will quickly come across the terms Tensorflow and Keras. Basically Google developed Tensor flow as a collection of software libraries for deep learning for in house use and then released it into the Opensource movement for everyone to use. Keras is a set of libraries for work in neural networks.

Keras is easier to work with and is called a higher level library and is said to run above Tensor flow.

Keras is a greek word and was a part of a larger project called Oneiros which had to do with neural nets and robots.

You will find artificial intelligence being used in robots, in cars and on website helplines.

A few places to look into artificial online chatbots are at and

Check out this amazing new product called MetaHuman which allows you to graphically create ultra-realisitc 3d human characters on the computer screen by easily changes face shapes, skin colors and everything else!

Now this is an interesting website and you can decide for yourself what it is really all about. There are a few sites that are linked and one is a private company which offers to collect and process your memories and your DNA and create some type of a version of yourself that can last forever.

There is even a link to a movement or foundation called the Terasem Foundation that goes as far as offering to transport part of you into space where you can live on in some form even if some major catasprophe happens to mankind. and

Some of the terms and references are reminiscent of the days when crionics was talked about as a way of freezing ones body or head when they die so that they could one day be reanimated in the future and made to live again when there was a cure for old age or whatever it was that killed you.

We’ve heard of the term “transhuman” which often relates to some combination of a human with technology but the Tersasem site refers to a different type of human called a “transbeman” and uses terms like Bina48, and bemes which are the smallest part of your consciousness that can be recorded in your mindfile. There is a movie made by this organization which can be ordered on this site

This organization also makes reference to the creation of the worlds first $100 laptop which we own and show on this website. It is a cute small green laptop with a form of linux on it.