Other Big Robotics Companies

Here we will talk about the history of the companies and some of the robots that they are well known for or are currently marketing or in the planning stages.

We will mention some of the job categories that they have and the kind of people they seem to be looking for on a regular basis.

These are the 6 largest robotics companies in the world as of 2021.







Clearpath Robotics is a Canadian based company started in 2009 that produces many unmanned land and sea robots. Some of the names of their robots are Jackal, Husky, Heron and the industrial line called Otto.

Fetch Robotics was founded by Melanee Wise and they sell two types of products: robot mobile manipulators and a line of warehouse robots. Melanee had previously operated a well known robotics company called UnBounded Robotics.

PAL Robotics is a firm in Italy created in 2004 and is one of very few selling human sized robots. They have 3 styles of humanoid robots called Reem, Reem C and Talos.

Companies that build Humanoid Robots

IHMC hires many programmers with Java experience