Nano Robots & Human Hybrids

This is the area where most of us don’t want to hear about and hope that the right decisions are being made.

Nano robots can be small like an ant or of molecular size and many will be used to make positive advances in medical care.

We already have flying bots of the size of insects that could be used to attack other harmful insect species or ground based ant sized bots that could do surveillance of crops or also attack other harmful species.

One can watch the fictional television show Black Mirror where there is an episode where a swarm of several hundred bee robots goes rogue when there is a hacker attack on the software that controls where they are to go and what they are to do. This is only a fictional show but the possibilities seem too real.

Eventually we will see molecular sized nano bots capable of tracking down cancers and tumors and destroying them.

Then we could go to the darker side of robots.

It can’t be wrong to help those who are missing limbs to be given a robotic limb which will make their lives easier.

It gets harder to justify perhaps giving a soldier control of an arm assistor to give the soldier the strength of 100 soldiers.

Then we get into the areas which are illegal in most modern countries. Where experimentation is being done to add some biological component of a living creature into an electronic device.

It could start with a simple brain chip implant and then carry on to advanced pacemakers and other organs until one wonders what part of the human is left.