Inside Other toys- suggestions anyone?

Here we can show the insides of any robotic toy. No guarantee that we will put it back together again 🙂

We have a few Cricket dolls with the tape recorder in the back that we will open up soon and show the inside.

We hope to find some other ones with moveable eyes etc like the Baby Alive and Luvabell doll

Here is a link to a very entertaining Youtube video by “MrPete222” where the gentleman dissassembles a Gemmy Billy Bass toy fish and shows how the 3 motors work to make the fish lips, body and fin move.

He makes a very funny comment when he admits that he is throwing out the fish toy after the video despite the fact that his viewers may say that he could use the parts for other future projects. He says with a laugh, “Since I’m 72, there aren’t too many future projects left.”

There are many interesting dolls which had robot-like functions (talking, moved eyes/mouth/head/arms) in the 1980s and 90s which we will talk about here.

The Chatty Cathy doll (1960s), Teddy Ruxpin, my friend Cayla, Telephone Tammy, Cricket, and the FurReal animal dolls.

The Chatty Cathy doll from the 1960s was called an interactive doll but really only played about 11 phrases when you pulled the string on its back.

The My Friend Cayla was able to answer questions from the children and was called one of the first real interactive dolls.