Assembly Robots

The average person is most familiar with seeing robots in car plants that help to assemble the various parts.

Usually these robots are fixed to the floor, several thousand pounds each and move quickly and efficiently to put parts onto an assembly line or do some welding or painting.

These arm style robots ususally will have between 4 to 6 axis which allows it to move with the dexterity of a human arm.

Now we mentined before that there are about 6 main technical categories of robots with varying numbers of axis in use and particular strong points….cartestian, SCARA , delta, collaborative, orbital..

We can look at the types of robots from one of the oldest and largest robotics company Fanuc. They have been in business for 40 years and make around 100 types of robots. They have a collection of robots for assembly work like:

  • assemble car parts
  • assemble cell phones and computer parts
  • assemble medical devices
  • household appliances and knitting