Education Robots

There are dozens of robots available to primary and secondary schools to teach robotics. Many of these aids are robotic toys that sell for under $100 and others like the Lego Mindstorms Ev3 were selling for several hundred dollars.

Many college level schools for robotics are teaching advanced robotics skills and using software simulations where the student can simulate controlling a 2,000 pound industrial robot as it does some warehouse labeling or mig welding.

Here is a company that sells a $10,000 medical training mannequin torso/head that allow students to simulate hearing bodily sounds like heartbeat and medical conditons using a specially designed stethoscope.

Although it is not a robot it shows that there is a need for more robotic and possibly AI equiped medical training devices like this one.

Another company sells a line of medical training mannequins/robots like their Pediatric Hall which has moveable eyes and mouth along with blood in its finger and various fluids and pulses that can be measured.

A pediatric Hal sells for around $2,000 US