Control our Toys from Your House!

In this section we want you to have some fun and actually play around with some of our robot toys…from your own HOUSE using IOT!

Yes….these toys will be Arduino powered to move around and you will use an app on your phone or computer to actually move these toys around!

Or you can just watch some of the action….and you tell us what else you want to see.

Its like the Roman Colloseum of Toys versus the W…W….EFF Rassling Association but with less commercials and sweat!.

Here are just some of the things you might be able to log in and do with our robot toys.

Here are some of the things we have planned for you.

  1. walk our Robosapien and dance with our Meccanoid G15
  2. enjoy some Robot Vacuum DEMOLITION derby action with your choice of 5 brands like Dirt Devil, Roomba etc (no we won’t destroy the vacuums we will just do like Circus bumper cars)
  3. ROCKEM SOCKEM Robot fun! You will be able to punch at our Arduino controlled 1960s toy called Rockem Sockem robot and our Japanese Karate dolls
  4. UNDERWATER exploring. You can use your keyboard to move our robotic fish in our fish tank and try not to be EATEN by our ARDUINO POWERED SHARK!!!!!!! Watch out for the blood that comes out if your fish gets bitten in the right spot by our shark!. Yes this is basically kid friendly
  5. ASK YOUR FUTURE with our animatronic MERLIN THE AMAZING lifesize Fortune Teller!! You will be able to interact with our limited skill AI controlled Merlin using the Nvidia Jetset Nano technology .
  6. OPERATION 2021 TELEPRESENCE. You can be the surgeon doing the operation with your joystick as you try to remove a gall bladder from our arduino OPERATION game!
  7. Can you operate the CRANE of WONDER and get the candy? We will let you control a toy version of an industrial 6 DOF (degree of freedom) robot arm to get some candy
  8. TRAIN ride thru the TUNNEL of love. You can operate our train around the track and see what you may see.
  9. You be Rob the Lifesize robot and you try some dance moves with Jennie the life size Gynoid robot. Almost like a scene from the hit tv show Wanda Vision!

So yes…we have some BIG plans for the site so stay tuned.



But remember what they said in the movie….”There is no …TOY FIGHT CLUB…..We don’t TALK ABOUT TOY FIGHT CLUB!! “

But…in the fall 2021…there WILL BE a Toy FIGHT CLUB….and YOU will WANT TO TALK about !!


You pick who fights WHO…..its all ON YOU!

Furby vs…Robosaur? You got it….and…the “Mutant” ROBOSAP-IOD Vs TRIPOT. We got your back!

Do you know who Mr T is….?? Or how about the Pilsbury DOUGH BOY?

We are working NOW on putting our Arduino boxes in these toys and getting the code done to make something worth watching…..

Netflix? …What are you a grandpa living in a SHED by the river? Throw out your box…you have TOYS2WORK now to watch! Cat videos? are you kidding me son.

This is 2021 BAY’BEEEEEEE…..

And…Who doesn’t like TEDDY Bears!

Well….do you like seeing your Teddy Bear Pulverized by a goodness knows what!

Close your eyes kids….

Oh…lastly did I mention CAR RACING that you control from your computer keyboard….or


We want to bring in our telemedicine topic and allow you to perform an operation on our patient by manipulating our robot arm like you would do in a professional operating theatre remotely of course.

Some of the big companies involved in actual remote medicine with robotic arms are names like

-Kuka with their robot guided laser ablation CARLO robot (Cold abation Robot Guided Laser Osteotome). Ablation means the removal or destruction of a body part.

  • There is the DaVinci surgery robot
  • Medtronic company and the HUGO RAS robot assisted surgery robot

Then here we will have a bit of fun again and pay tribute to North Americas most loved television art teacer Bob Ross.

Using a robot arm we will let you play the Bob Ross game and simply create some Bob Ross type paintings with happy clouds and beautiful sunsets.

We are looking for some financial donations so we can afford to do all this …and more.

If you have more money than wallets to shovel it into….we need to talk.

Hopefully we will have a Patreon account soon.

If you had a laugh on this page or at least a smirk then you need to tell someone to send us some green…some moolah…some financial donations.

Thank you….thank you very much.

…signed….the Management