Grownups Robots

This category of robots can include various kinds of robots.

There is a category of robots which many consider controversial but something that does serve a purpose in many situations.

We are talking here about what are called sex robots.

We won’t be passing judgement here because this type of robot is getting more human like and for many people this is something that can be considered a good thing.

Consider the hundreds of thousands of people who are severely handicapped and have been denied, for whatever reason, friends and intimate parters.

We have seen how the elderly with dimentia and similar conditions respond to simple toy cats or dogs for companionship.

So lets acknowledge the fact that hundreds of millions of people in this world suffer from loneliness and this has led to widespread depression and suicide in many places and higher in certain high stress cultures.

The idea of sex toys or what were joking called “sex dolls” have been around for decades and for many people these things serve a legimate human need.

So today we have seen a huge increase in the manfacture of realistic human dolls in which many are being made with electronics components and some sensors to mimic human behaviour.

The Realdoll company has been producing ultra realistic non-electronic human like dolls for decades and in the last several years they have been adding robotic type features to them.

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